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Closed Suction System Nasal Cannula Oxygen Mask Multiflow Venturi Mask Single Dial Venturi Masks High Concentration Oxygen Mask Nebulizer Chamber Nebulizer with Mask T Oxygenator Catheter Mount Ventilator Circuit Breathing Filter Resuscitator Spirometer

.Closed Suction System

Features:Superior, Safe and Simple airway management practice eliminates Ventilator Disconnection.
Maintains Arterial Oxygen Saturation levels.
Total Patient Safety from Contamination entering the airways during suction.
Total Clinical safety due to non contact of Secretions during Suction.
Double Swivel Patient End connector offers convenience of 360 º rotatability.
Available in 12 Fr, 14 Fr and 16 Fr Catheter sizes to meet all requirements.
Supplied Sterile
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Nasal Cannula

Features : Soft nasal prongs, Kink resistant, Adjustable fitting, Latex free, Unobstructive Oxygen Flow & No Irritants.
1.8mtr to 10mtr.

Oxygen Mask

Features: Soft Vinyl Mask, Latex Free, Easy fit, Soft Elastic Starp, Kink Resident Tubing, Unobstructive Oxygen Flow &Adjustable Nose Clip. oxy_mask

Multiflow Venturi Mask

Multi-flow Venturi Mask is for patients who require controlled oxygen therapy,especially in the case of asthma and COPD. There are 7 different connectors with different colour coding from 24% to 60%. Each connector has got distinct marking of required flow of Oxygen in litres per minute along with percentage achieved throught it oxy_multi_mask

Single Dial Venturi Masks

is good for patient who requires controlled Oxygen therapy,especially for asthematics and COPD patients.There are two Oxygen diluters, one(White) for 24%,26%,28% and 30%,while the other (Blue) is for 35%,40% or 50%.The appropriate percentage of Oxygen can be selected setting by the indcator of the diluter oxy_single_mask

High Concentration Oxygen Mask

Features: There is a little is a Oxygen reservoir bag with 3 one-way valves to deliver 100% Oxygen. Two expiratory valves are easily detachable as per the need of the patients oxy_high_mask

Nebulizer Chamber

Features : 1. Single use nebulizer 2. Create consistent particles of optimal therapeulitcs use. 3. Easy seal, quarter locking cap and anti spill to prevent leakage. 4. Availabe in various packaging Configurations. 5. Fits Oxygen tubing connections. 6. Provide effective nebulization. nebulizerchamber

Nebulizer with Mask

Airways ‘Aeromist’ Nebulizer is made for good performance & helps your patient effective nebulization & make patient comfortable. Nebulizer with mask is for a patient who is breathing through mouth in a state of coma nebulizermask

T Oxygenator

T-Oxygen helps patient weaning from oxygen patient on endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube. It allows doctor to asses removal of endotracheal tube or TT. For long team Tracheostomy patient with oxygen reqirement this device works well. There is suction port by which secretions can be extracted withourt removal of T from tube, thus preventing infection tox

Catheter Mount

Features : Light weight, Double swivel rotates 360° on both axis, Minimum compliance , Low dead. critical_mount

Ventilator Circuit

Features : Wide range, high tranparency, Flexibility, minimum compliances and sterile. ventilator_circuit

Breathing Filter

Features: Clear housing, Low flow resistance High filtration efficiency, High heat & humidity level, CO2 Montroring level, Port Sterile package. breathing_filter


All resuscitators are made of silicon and polycarbonate which are harmless to human body.Autoclave is possible without injury to the product resuscitators


Features: Wide flow range 2000 to 1200cc/sec. 100cc gradation. Suitable for low volume lungs. spirometer
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