Cardiac Off Pump Surgery

Autohemsalvager Coronary Shunt Tissue Stabelizert Suction Unit for Off Pump (Beating heart) Surgery


Autohemsalvager is only Portable Blood Salvager system for the intra –and postoperative care settings to help ensure all salvageable blood is returned to the patient. auto

Coronary Shunt


Tissue Stabelizer

tissue stabilizer

Suction Unit for Off Pump (Beating heart) Surgery

TISSUE STABLIZER an aid for open heart surgery

TISSUE STABLIZER working principle:

  • The name TISSUE STABLIZER results from the shape of the device which looks much like the animal, octopus
  • The device is build of
    • two parallel suction arms (metal tubes with suction nozzles) that are connected to a central…
    • suction device connection
    • mechanical fixation
  • When a vacuum is applied, the nozzles will be sucked to the
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ATMOS S 351 the perfect suction device for tissue stabilizer

ATMOS S 351 provides:

  • Digital target vacuum selection
  • Vacuum value can be selected before the operation starts
  • ATMOS S 351 will not create a higher vacuum as required
  • Auto standby
  • The pump will only start if one of the nozzles looses its grip
  • Powerful 36 l/min suction
  • Fast vacuum build up
  • ATMOS S 351 is checking all 5 seconds if it can build up vacuum
  • When it detects a resistance, the pump will start again
  • ATMOS S 351 is aspirating secretion
  • Fast vacuum reestablishment
  • Vacuum falls below target
  • Pump automatically starts to run
  • ATMOS S 351 is aspirating secretion
  • The pump is running and tries to build up target vacuum
  • Designed for continues operation
  • Not important how long the operation takes, ATMOS S 351 can take the time
ATMOS S 351 – device benefits:

  • Easy to operate
  • Digital target vacuum selection
  • Auto standby
  • Target vacuum hold
  • Intermit function for gentle drainage (gastro / wound)
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Reliable ATMOS quality
  • 36 l/min suction
  • Broad range of canister systems
  • Minimal tissue damage
  • Perfect suction device for the TISSUE STABLIZER
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