Arterial Blood Filter* and Bubble Traps for CPB

It offers a double barrier for total safety. Its long flow path maximizes reaction time, while its circular-o-elliptical path eliminates eddies.
* Arterial Blood Filter is under development.

Product Features
  • Double Barrier assures total safety
  • Long Flow path maximizes reaction time
  • Circular-O-Elliptical flow eliminates eddies
  • Biocompatible Materials meets USP Class VI Standards
  • Crystal Clear parts enables best viewing
  • All these with lowest priming volume
Product Specifications
Device Model Priming Volume, ML Max blood flow rate, LPM Filter size
Bubble Adult 200 8 200μ, Polyester
Traps Adult LP 120 8 200μ, Polyester
Adult Infant & Paediatric   25 3 200μ, Polyester
Arterial Blood Filter Adult 120 8 200μ, Polyester
60μ, Polyester
Arterial Bubble Traps
Model: Adult/Semi Adult/Peadiatric/Infant
Packing Style Qty: 18 with loop/40 without loop/
40 PBT with Loop/80without loop
Carton Box Dimensions: 60x40x35
Arterial Blood Filter
Model: Adult with Loop/Adult Without Loop
Packing Style Qty: 18/40
Carton Box Dimensions: 60x40x35

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