Cardiotomy Reservoir – 2000ml

Cardiotomy Reservoir has a holding capacity of 2 litres. It is disposable and used in open-heart surgery. It filters cardiotomy blood at 37 microns. The defoaming process performed right at the entry point minimizes haemolysis.

Product Features
  • Suitable for Vacuumed collection under suction. (Read Instruction sheet)
  • Distributed defoaming offers least haemolysis
Product Specifications
Housing Polystyrene
Weight 530 g. Approx
Blood Storage Capacity 2000 ml.
Packaging Style Qty 6
Blood Flow Rate 8 litres per minute, maximum
Prefilter High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Filter Non-Woven Polypropylene
Min.efficiency at 37 micron level 95%
Defoamer Siliconised HDPE
Max. Rated Negative Pressure 300 mm of Hg
Blood inlet port 3 nos. 1/4”
Blood outlet port 3/8”
Air vent port One large vent for quick suction / Venting
Priming Port Two direct and two through filters,all provided with female luer
Carton Box Dimensions 60x40x35

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