Custom Packs

Custom Packs also known as Sterile and pre-connected Perfusion Packs, are disposable and used in open-heart surgeries. They interconnect the vascular system and the extra corporeal devices with customer specified tubings, connectors, filters, etc.

Product Features
  • Customised configuration meeting even the finest requirements of the theatre setup.
  • Machine cut tube assures burr-free ends
  • GMP extends from raw materials to finished products, assuring total safety
  • Tubings imported from the world’s best manufacturer comes from the house of “SPICTRA”
  • Pump Head fabricated with SR, PVC & Silicone on demand.

Model: As per Circuit/ Additional 
components can be added per requirements
Packing Style Qty: 4
Carton Box Dimensions: 55x45x45

Perfusion Tubing Sizes

1/4 x 16 1.59
3/8 x 3 / 32   2.34
1/2 x 3/ 32 2.38
1/8 1.59
3/16 x 1/16 1.59


ABF, GLF & Pressure transducer

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