Myocardial Protection System

The Myocardial Protection System (MPS) for cardioplegia management have a priming volume of just 40 ml, a low hold-up volume, largely owing to its Top In and Bottom Out flow engineering that achieves the best heat transfer and mixing efficiency. A built in trap prevents air embolism.

Product Features
  • Adult and Paediatric delivery system configurations
  • Flow engineering with Axial, non turbulent, eddy free design, prevents bubble formation and eliminates need for downstream filters
  • Shortest blood flow path over smooth surfaces .. yet best cooling efficiency
  • Core flow without thinning of blood, reduces stress
  • No held up volume due to top-down reversible design feature
  • Mounting direction aspecific
  • Priming volume is just 40 ml
  • Mixing propositions of blood & Cardioplegia 1:1, 2:1, 4:1
Product Specifications
Model Packing Style Qty Carton Box Dimension
4:1 Adult/4:1 Pead/ 1:4 Delnido 8 60x40x35

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