About Us

We are one of the leaders in export and import of surgical and medical sutures, devices and other related equipment. Our products are used in medical operations like Open Heart Surgeries, Normal Surgeries and Intensive Care Units.

Medical science has come a long way in its never-ending crusade in providing reliable modes to support and facilitate life. We play a pivotal role in this campaign by bringing in state-of-the-art sutures, devices and equipment that play a crucial role in highly critical operations and ICU applications.

We export product range that includes Cardiovascular and Thoracic Disposables, Critical Care Disposables, Open Heart Surgery Packs, Sutures and Heart-Lung Machines. We are one of the leaders in the export and import of surgical (both General and Open heart), medical products of use in ICCU, sutures, hospital furniture and linen. With a modest beginning in 1998, we have become the forerunner in export and import of equipment under our product line. During this period, we have acquired the trust and acceptance of hospitals and medical institutions of repute, in both India and across the globe.

We have a vision to attain the top global position in our line of business, representing India. To achieve this goal, we have collaborated with the top manufacturers of surgical and medical equipment from both India and abroad. We are wholeheartedly committed to supply all the latest surgical, sutures, devices and medical equipment that technology provides to the medical fraternity across the globe.

Product Range

Our product range includes an across-the-board assortment of medical and surgical equipment and products of use in ICU. Since, we provide an array of surgical equipment that cater to open heart surgeries, we have a separate category for products of use in open heart surgeries and general surgeries. The list of our products is enumerated below:-

Memnbrane Oxygenator Open Heart Surgery Equipment
Portable Cell Saver (Disposable) minimally invasive cardiac surgery instruments(FRANCE)
 Cell Saver  machine & Disposable Kit(GERMANY) Endoscopic Vein Harvesting System(ITALY)
Aortic Metal Tip Cannula Suction for beating heart surgery(GERMANY)
Venous Metal Tip Cannula  Surgical  Loupes –(DVI New York)
Cardioplegia Chamber  Portable  LED Headlight(USA)
Myocardial Protection System(BCD) Xenon Light Source & Head Light COR (USA)
Cardiotomy Reservoir
Sterile PVC Tubing
All size connectors (Straight and Y or without Leurlock
Leukocyte Depletion Filters(GERMANY)
Closed Suction System and Catheter (21/14/16 Fr)
Chest Drain System
Blood Transfusion U Filter


It is needless to lay emphasis on the importance of quality as a parameter for the range of products that we offer, taking into consideration their use in critical life-saving applications. Thus, we take immense care in procuring the products from suppliers. To start with, we form buying alliances only with those manufacturers, who stand by the commitment of quality and have the necessary certifications. We further double-check the quality with the inclusion of careful measures like:-


We take special care of packaging of the products and offer them in excellent materials that easily withstand the rough handling during shipment. Our dedication to create an exciting customer experience has made us take up customized packaging of our products as per our clients’ specifications.


We have a modern warehouse that helps us procure, store and then supply products across the globe in an effortless and effective manner. Our warehouse is complete with the latest material handling equipment that are used for handling of critical and delicate products.


Based in Ahmedabad, we have an excellent connectivity with all the major ports in Western India. To make the best use of this opportunity, we are associated with reliable and time tested logistic providers. Apart from this, we also have our own fleet of trucks that expedites the process of delivery to our clients.

On Time Delivery:

‘A stitch in time saves nine’, so goes a popular saying! This takes a very important dimension when it comes to life-saving equipment. We fully understand the importance of timely delivery in our industry and are totally devoted to execute orders within the set time frames.


Our world-class Surgical Products come from the best manufacturers of Surgical products in the world. Few of the reputed manufacturers with whom we are proudly associated include:

Mikro Instrumente Rongeure
Pinzetten Meissel
Klemmen Raspatorien
Stanzen Dissektoren
Saug-und Spulinstruemnte Koagulations Instrumente und Zubehor
Himchirugische Instrumente Herzchirugische Spezial Instrumente
Instrumente fur Minimalnvasive Chirugie Einmalprodukete
Rotierende Instrumente Gebrauchs- und Aufbereitungs – Anweisung
Instrumente Zum Spreizen und Halten Knocheschneider
Scheren Kuretten
Nadelhalter Stobel
We are the exclusive dealers of: